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vim li cas es thiaj li muaj

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#1 HMOOB_xouvathaiyang_*

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Posted 19 July 2014 - 04:15 AM

Tus cheem r_og thiab tus cawm dim nws puas yog tib tug ?


Hais txog tus tswv uas yuav los mus cheem r-og thiab tus tswv uas nws yuav los mus cawm tib neeg kom dim ntawd nws puas yog tib tug...?


Nws yog vim li cas es thiaj li yuav tau muaj ?

#2 HMOOB_plis thiab T_*

HMOOB_plis thiab T_*
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Posted 19 July 2014 - 10:52 AM

Tus cheem rog thiab tus cawm dim. nyias muaj nyias ov. yog koj rog heev yuav tau noj tshuaj mus ntaus cov kua roj hau koj lub cev kom yaj tawm mus. koj thiaj tsis rog rog. .tsam koj muaj ntshav siab ntshav qab zib........hos koj muaj mob es koj ua txhua yam kev ntseeg rau tas los pheej tsis zoo. koj yuav tau mus ntsib .Docter. .Docter yog tus cawm dim. . vim nws thiaj yog tus yuav cawm koj kom dim ntawm txoj kev tuag.  vim li no thiaj yuav tau muaj ob yam no. los pab cawm neeg. xwb tiag.

#3 HMOOB_Taw Qhia_*

HMOOB_Taw Qhia_*
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Posted 19 July 2014 - 02:57 PM

Kim #2, kuv tau twm koj cov lus ntau zaus.  Koj cov lus muaj ntsis plees, tiam sis kuv pom hais tias muaj ntau zaus, txawm koj teb dag xwb los kuj teb raug raws cov nqi lus noog lawm.

#4 HMOOB_ua tsaug ov_*

HMOOB_ua tsaug ov_*
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Posted 19 July 2014 - 11:04 PM

ua tsaug ov. me tij laus. Taw Qhia. koj yeej hais yog tsawv lawm thiab ntag ov. tab sis kev lom zem ces yeej mus li ntawv. thiaj li lom zem thiab ov nawb.

#5 HMOOB_Kairii_*

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Posted 12 April 2015 - 08:31 AM

The forum is a breigthr place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

#6 HMOOB_Budi_*

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Posted 27 November 2015 - 06:21 PM

I see your point but you can never get change wiuhtot managing change. And GMS has to prove he can manage that. I'm seeing responses that address me of lacking support of GMS. But I believe otherwise. I want GMS to be able to contribute change but also understand the financial impact if it is done drastically wiuhtot the solution being all inclusive. GMS, I would appreciate your discussion in this thread. The discussions seem non confrontational and mature. We can build on this to discuss more about your approach. My stand is that you have to address the balance and inclusiveness of your plans. More inclusive = more votesI have written in TOC as guest writer in the past. Do search for writer ash tong to see my grouses.To all, we have families, kids and each have our commitments, pain must be planned and measured fir a better tomorrow. I work in change management and I speak from experiencecheers let's keep the discussion civil and good as it is nowGMS, please respond when you're back in sg

#7 HMOOB_Terrance_*

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Posted 29 November 2015 - 02:11 AM

I am addressing<a href="http://irgzqulc.com"> pbulic</a> housing not private. Loans still have to be service regardless<a href="http://irgzqulc.com"> pbulic</a> or private and our main gripe is that<a href="http://irgzqulc.com"> pbulic</a> housing is too highly price.I resist to brand the boonkeng and Dawson dbss fools, but look at the prices they pay.It is unfortunate that you do not recognize yet, that if NSP wins it's seat, it is part of the government whom will be tasked to address this worries. A better democracy and society will be ALL inclusive to a certain extent, not just gathering a left wing vs right wing fight..Again I emphasize, I am a supporter of change, any opposition must show ability to MANAGE change. We all should know it's methodical and gradually painful, not just a knee jerk change. That's what LKY has done, by threatning GMS supporterst hey are daft and assets will fall drasticallyGMS it's really in your hands to take the fight and make LKY's words look blunt and not serve economic duress on neutrals.

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